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Force On Force Training 

   After years of testing with multiple platforms for force on force training we have found that all platforms have their plus and minus.


  • Using airsoft give you 1:1 main and sidearm feel but lacks the ‘’kick’’ and any impact/ marking ability. Unless you go with our training line of KWA rifles.  They offer great "kick" with C02 and now the electric blow back.  

  • Simunition also gives you the 1:1 main sidearm feel as well as the ‘’kick’’ but requires the change of some parts on your service rifles and tends to jam as well as has a short lifespan.  The other main issue with Simunition is the amount of gear needed to safely train force on force is quite bulky and restricts movement and the ability to run certain drills.

  • With advancement in .68 caliber launchers you can now have the 1:1 feel with some ‘’kick’’ (about the feel of a .22 rifle) and the important marking ability of multiple rounds.  Also you require very minimal gear (adding some approved google set) making the force on force training more real world oriented.  Lastly you can double duty your force on force launcher between training and less lethal applications.  One launcher two platforms.